Welcome to the Fantasy F1 website for 2013!

Welcome back to Fantasy F1 at knome.co.uk! The 2013 season is now underway but there is still time to enter a team! Use your budget of £75 million to buy 2 drivers, 1 chassis and 1 engine to comprise your team. The team selector tool will make selecting your team easy. The scoring page explains how each element scores points, and you can keep up to date with your team's progress by checking out the league table. There are no prizes on offer, it's all about the glory, being the best and beating the rest! Good luck!

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Brazilian Grand Prix

The Team

Top 5 - Brazilian Grand Prix

1 Wickes F1 54
2 Ass Clowns 48
3 Ferrari Rust-Bomb 47
4 Sofa king cool 46
5 ButtonLove 44

The Top 5

The Glory

Top 5 - Overall

1 Ferrari Rust-Bomb 780
2 Wickes F1 764
3 Ass Clowns 743
4 No Hope 706
5 Sofa king cool 695